What Comes After The Blues
Facing the immensity, I guess.


I wonder how many people start with tumblr being part of one fandom and end up as a multifandom blog 

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Erin Lindsay + done with your bullshit

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nathan scott appreciation week:

→  day 4: favorite friendship

You gotta do what you feel but I actually wish you weren’t gonna leave. Because you’re one hell of a basketball player. And because you’re my brother.

We’ll work something out.


Hannah Simone killin’ it.

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It was meant to be one of those silly posts with bad grammar that circulate on tumblr these days, but somehow it ended up being too detailed for that. And yet, it took me ages so i’m gonna post it anyway.

If you happen to think it doesn’t suck, please don’t steal or repost or whatever. \o/

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